Car Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a standard feature in most modern vehicles. At Browne & Sons in Loddon, we understand the importance of regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

That’s why we offer annual air conditioning checks to detect and address minor issues before they become costly problems. Our comprehensive testing includes assessing refrigerant levels, identifying leaks, inspecting the condenser, and examining other mechanical components that may affect your car’s air conditioning system. At Browne & Sons, we can conduct these essential tests and keep your air conditioning in excellent condition. We provide affordable services such as air-con recharge (£69.99 + VAT) and air-con recharge and refresh (£79.99 + VAT).

As a member of Foxy Choice, Browne & Sons is recognised as a ‘Female Friendly’ Garage and is also proud a participant in the NHS Staff Discount scheme. Our workshop technicians adhere to exceptional standards as members of the Motor Ombudsman. Being an Independent Garage, we provide a guarantee on all our work, ensuring your confidence in our services.

To find out more about Car Air Conditioning in Loddon, contact us online or call us directly on 01508 520 315

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